Testimonials about my work from clients and customers.
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“It is said that even the healer needs a healer; I am an avid believer in this spiritual truth. So as I was undergoing some profound dreaming and questions of the heart, I sought assistance. Through my consultation and reading with a powerful spirit I now call friend I received incredible insight into my issues. Oseaana Inara December did an amazing reading for me on the most recent dreams I had which I only realized had something to do with my own spiritual life work. Not only did Sis. Oseaana go deeper than I expected into my dream working, SHE also provided in depth information on blockages in my path I did not realize. Oseaana December is a powerful Metaphysician who offered me remedies for the spiritual workings that had been placed against me and my beloved. We have now applied these remedies and I can feel the protection working on us as we move forward. I am one who does not easily trust as I have been hurt and lied to in the past by folks claiming to help me to “see” what I need to for upward movement. This sister is the truth, poignant, powerful and very insightful. Thank you Oseaana for your help and may the Great Mother keep you well.”

~ M. B

Your Starseed readings are off the hook, by the way. Very educational and spot on.

~ A. M

“I’ve been a client and student of Oseaana’s for 2 years and I LOVE everything she does. She works so closely with spirit and is connected better than any other Worker I have known. I’ve learned so much and highly recommend her classes!”

~ R. A.

“I just wanted to write and say that I can feel the difference between the way you work and other psychics I have talked with. You definitely didn’t try to sell me any spells for my job situation and wouldn’t you know it, 2 days later I did get that raise! I can’t believe all it took was a 5 minute phone conversation with you. I want to setup a reading with you just to see into other areas of my life. Thank you again!”

~ Valerie M.

“I want to thank for all your time and effort in getting me the job!!!! Your services are excellent, and you are such a kind and caring person.”

~ H. D.

“I’d love to leave a review for you so every new person can see you’re the real deal! You take your time providing a good service and reading. ZERO pressure you don’t push and make a client purchase spells or anything AND I LOVE THAT! You go by what the spirits tell you and the cards and your own QUALITY wisdom.

Ms. Oseaana, I’m glad the spirits lead me to you!!!!!! Please keep that candle on your AWSOME altar and you will here from me again and if I ever run into someone who’s looking for THE REAL DEAL, I’m sending them your way.”

~ E.P.

“Oseaana is the best, I came to her when all else had failed. She has been so very helpful with the things that needed to be done. Anytime that I had to ask a question she replied quickly. She is very loyal to her customers and her work. My journey with Oseaanna isn’t complete yet but i have total faith in her!!!”

~ M. D.

“I came across Oseaana due to a dream that my dearly departed Nana (God rest her soul) showed me. When I ran across her website it had an image exactly like the one in my dream. The reading was to the T on my situation, unfortunately I sabotage Oseaana’s help unintentionally.

Long behold I had another dream and this time it was her giving me a reading. I contacted her & this time around her work in my behalf manifested in a week!!! Just to show me how in tune we are, I booked a reading a minute after she sent me an email telling me her exact available time! I HAD NOT READ OSEAANA’S EMAIL YET! I cannot wait for my reading with her tomorrow. I just found my conjure witch & I’m so elated! Bless you Oseaana & thank you Nana!”

~ D.R.

“I would like to thank you for the reconciliation work, myself and him had a very bad breakup I waited a whole year to decide if I wanted to bring him back and I did. I am really thankful for the skull candle you did for him and the hot foot from the negative person. He realized he has toxic friends around and he finally realized it and he needs to make some changes in his life. Also it wasn’t meant for me to breakup the other woman he ended up with They ended on their own, she wasn’t a very nice person and it made him realize the mistakes he made to me and other people and now he wants to make things right. All the work and time was definitely worth it. As well for the modeling opportunities, they have increased I have gotten more offers to shoot and I am definitely wanted to thank you for everything. And next year I will invest in taking your hoodoo courses and continue with my magical journey. As for the stalker, he has been exposed as a liar and he is being watched by the law enforcement. Thanks again.”

~ F. J