Spiritual & Magickal Coaching – Private Classes



I offer many types of one-on-one coaching/classes as an alternative to the group class experience. These sessions are individual and specific to your needs. You can study with me personally in all areas of spiritual, psychic, and magickal development. This is a personal learning experience, private one-on-one sessions in the art of spirituality, witchcraft/spellcraft and conjure with me.

Areas of study may include:

  • Candle Magick
  • Psychic Development
  • Divination
  • Mojo Bags
  • Working with Poppets
  • Contained Spells (such as honey jars)
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Working Altars
  • Working with the Spirits
  • Developing a Personal Spiritual Practice
  • Protection and Cleansing Work
  • Astral & Cosmic Travel
  • Cosmic Energy
  • Enhancing Personal Power
  • Abundance & Luck Manifestation
  • Advanced Conjure, Hoodoo, Witchcraft

Your personalized program is designed around the individual magickal and spiritual needs you desire to learn as well as your individual level of current knowledge. The areas of study are determined before you begin and can expand from there depending on the depth you wish to reach with your personal power.

Private Coaching Sessions are 45 minutes in length – Skype or Phone
(these sessions are for learning/education and personal coaching they do not include divination or conjure work)

The first session is $200 and each additional session is $100.

Once you make payment I will email you to setup a date and time for your session.

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