Spiritual Services

A great deal of deliberate and purposeful work goes into creating and manifesting magickal energy, and proper divination with the Spirits, intention, and ingredients are all important parts of its foundation. The conjure and spiritual work I perform for clients owes its roots and foundation to Hoodoo, often called rootwork, conjure, conjuration, spellwork, and/or Witchcraft.

Hoodoo is an African-American folk healing and folk magick tradition that uses herbs, consecrated waters, roots, minerals, and other sacred curios to influence results. To learn more about Hoodoo please sign-up for my newsletter to receive a free 13 page e-kit, Intro to Hoodoo & Conjure.

Advanced spiritual work is done on your behalf on a case-by-case basis for those individuals who are highly dedicated to their outcome and only after divination and consultation with Spirit. Once Spirit indicates that it is appropriate to move forward, we engage together in a reading/consultation to gain clarity on your situation and to define which magickal options will best help you. Spiritual services may include candle magick (setting lights), mojo bags, ceremonies, petitions, and/or prayers.

Each and every case is unique, and my work is informed and guided precisely by your particular situation and the individual(s) involved. Therefore, advance spiritual work fees are based on the specifics of the situation; rates vary and include my time and expertise as well as materials such as candles, oils, herbs, and other curios and, if items need to be shipped to you, any delivery costs incurred.

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