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April 2017 Dashboard ::: My Witchy Planner

The April 2017 Dashboard is ready!

This month we focus on the number five and the energy and vibration of Motion & Manifestation. Last month we focused on Balance & Freedom and bringing structure into our lives, for April it is time to put things into motion and manifest!

I invite you to download the free April 2017 Dashboard to help you keep on track with your goals. The dashboard includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout April: Motion & Manifestation.

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March 2017 Dashboard ::: My Witchy Planner

The March 2017 Dashboard is ready!

This month we focus on the number four and the energy and vibration of Freedom & Balance. After last month’s new beginning and re-creation with the number three we find the freedom to bring balance and structure to our lives. March 2017 calls us to bring harmony to our goals and manifestations.

I invite you to download the free March 2017 Dashboard to help you keep on track with your goals. The dashboard includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout March: Freedom & Balance

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Why 3 is the First True Number ::: My Witchy Planner Free February Dashboard


“Wait it’s February!” you say? Yes, February is considered a spiritual new year by many. It is usually around this time that we have the first new moon of the year. It is also around February when people really get into manifesting their goals and plans for the coming year. January is transition month. We are coming out of the holiday season and ending the previous years tasks. January is a great time to take a break and gather our thoughts and ideas. When February rolls around it is time to put those thoughts and ideas into action.

This February, being that is a one year, decodes to three. Three is the first true number and gives us more power in our February New Year manifestations! To assist you with keeping on top of your goals in February please grab your free dashboard for your book of shadows, journal, or planner here.


All numbers are birthed from the womb, the void, of zero. One is the first spark of wisdom. It is knowledge and the initiation of Will. Two brings balance and is an actual reflection of one. Two is duality and the beginning of our third dimension reality. Two also acts as pillars or a gateway for three which is the first cycle and the first sign of movement.

1 + 1 = 3

The first meaning of All/Source/God was given to three. In many cultures a divine spiritual being is associated with the number three. Three is a cycle: beginning, middle, end – birth, life, death – past, present, future – body, soul, spirit. To truly understand three is to master our 3D realm and overcome it’s restrictions. Yes, three keeps us grounded in this reality some call The Matrix. Three keeps us repeating the birth process through the gateway of the reflected one. We can master our lives through three by using it’s power of expansion, cycles, and understanding and that is the message of February 2017.

In the Emerald Tablets of Tehuti (Thoth the Atlantean) we learn that three is a an alchemical number because it is multiplicity itself. In Alchemy birthing or creating is the energy of Source. In that regard three is the number from which all following numbers are birthed: 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 3+3=6, 3+4=7, 3+5=8, and 3+6=9. It is the cycle.

Three are the powers creating all things:
Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge,
Divine Wisdom knowing all possible means,
Divine Power possessed by the joint will of
Divine Love and Wisdom.

– The Emerald Tablets : Tablet 14


This months dashboard will help you keep on track with your goals and includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout February; Cycles & Understanding. Go on over to the shop and grab your free February 2017 dashboard. If you are interested in other planner pages check out the My Witchy Planner page in the shop for more!

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The Rebirth Year : 2017 at Oseaana.com

Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone had a joyous start to the new year and is looking forward to a fantastic 2017.

I spent a lot of time in 2016 reflecting on my business, my brand, and my clients. For over 10 years I have offered spiritual services, products, and readings online to customers and clients all over the world. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to work with you all. Over time, as it should, things have changed. I have changed and my clients and customers have changed. To further service my community in alignment with my guided spirit I have made the shift from providing magickal workings to providing services that ignite a holistic change in my client’s lives. Instead of focusing on one challenge or area I want to help each of you bring your life into alignment with your big picture goals.

As you may have noticed I am no longer offering as many hoodoo and conjure services as I did before. There are many reasons for this and I have talked about this in a previous blog post which you can read here. With 2016 being a year of completion I felt that it was time to close down the energy of that kind of work and use the opportunity of a rebirth 1 year (2017) to help guide my clients through the process of renewal, rebirth, re-connection, and purpose.


  • I will no longer offer general spellwork and energy work. I will only take on custom work for clients who are highly dedicated to their outcomes.
  • Products such as oils, mojo bags, incense, etc. will only be offered as limited edition during special occasions.
  • Generally I will not be available for in-person readings or services, however I will consider such appointments on case by case basis.


I have been asked by many to offer more classes and I’m excited to do so! I love sharing information and you will continue to find new videos on magick, energy, and spirituality on my Youtube channel as well as new group classes coming to my site.

Some of you are already involved in The Veiled Mysteries Journey the free group for women on Facebook where we gather to talk about the 6 Sacred Gateways, magick, spirituality, and more. Last year I opened the portal for a few women who were interested in taking a personalized journey through the 6 Sacred Gateways. This is a personal exploration to self-actualization through priestessing and culminates in individual dedication and initiation as a self-actualized Priestess of a specific Sacred Gateway. There has been an extremely positive response to this journey and in 2017 I am prepared to open this opportunity to more women.

The Cosmic Witchery Course was another big hit! So much so that I am tweaking it and re-launching it this Spring. This course covers everything from Starseeds to Galactic History to Dark Energy to the Cosmic Mother. For those who have already taken the course you will have access to the new material. For those who haven’t taken the course yet…stay tuned…amazing stuff to come!

The Veiled Mysteries Journey group on Facebook is a free group for women who are interested in creating sisterhood with other like-minded women while sharing about magick, spirituality, creativity, and manifestation. The group centers around the 6 Sacred Gateways – Below, East, South, West, North, Above – and each month we dedicate to an aspect of one Sacred Gateway. On the dark moon, Saturday 1/28 the group will open again to new women interested in joining. With the new year comes a new focus and lots of new content for the group. If you are a woman interested in joining us please visit this page to register. I encourage all women interested in joining the group to take the introductory course for the Veiled Mysteries which can be found here to familiarize yourself with the content.


You may see some other changes and transformations as we move further into the new year. As we all travel this journey of a new beginning I will adjust what is offered in an effort to give my guidance and support to your personal journey. If there are any requests or suggestions please feel free to contact me!


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A Bittersweet Ending to 2016


If there is one thing I keep hearing as we get closer to 2017 it’s that 2016 couldn’t end soon enough. For many it was a tough year. It seemed to start out great for everyone with hope and determination to make it the best year yet. However, as we got deeper in 2016 a lot of people started to find it harder and harder. So I asked myself why this way happening? What is it about the energy of 2016 that brought so many surprises and losses.

We have felt it globally…that shift. The shift that most of us have been talking about for the past 4 years, you know the one that was supposed to come in like gang-busters in 2012. See the problem is we expected there to be a big bang in 2012 and there wasn’t. The fact is it started before 2012 and we have been feeling tremors from the ongoing shift in our world/realm ever since. It’s been building and 2016 was a like a big quake. We all could feel it. Many of us couldn’t put a word to it.

2016 Energy Portal - Oseaana.com

I started out 2016 talking about it being a 9 year, a year of completion. It was a year of endings and a year of closing down energy. Basically it was a year of huge transformation and change. The true gift of this year was to work through the process of transforming your life and bring completion to those things we have held on to for the last cycle of 6-9 years so that we could start fresh and new in 2017. For those of us that took the time to do this we may be feeling release, relief, and a renewed sense of determination. However we also may be feeling bittersweet about it all. Endings are never easy.

What things did you come to terms with this year? I think one of the main things we all came to terms with is mortality. We watched a lot of our icons and childhood heroes pass into the realm of the Ancestors this year.  Many of us lost friends and family this year. Globally there were huge losses and gaines in different ways for different people. The shift is taking place and new things are coming in whether we like it or not.

So what can you do to ease the shift if you are feeling out of sorts? I could say go with the flow. I could say surrender to the process. I could say allow it to take you and see where you end up. I could say all those feel-good helpful affirmation-y type things that really sound great but make no damn good sense in real life because surrender may sound like you are letting the enemy win. Going with the flow may give you a feeling of drowning. Allowing the process to take you into the unknown may be scary as hell.


The only thing to do is to take advantage of the shift. Any century with a zero means that individual year has the potential to be a void or a womb. A void is where things fall in without choice. Think of it like a black hole in space sucking in everything close to it. Who knows where it goes? Does it survive? Is it transformed and spit out on the other end somewhere? Science hasn’t a clue and neither do I. However a womb is a place of gestation where something is purposefully developed. That is what 2017 is all about. Rebirth is purposeful and calculated. It is preceded by the wisdom of 2016. What did you learn in 2016? What hard lessons were there for you? The rebirth of 2017 is backed by will(power) and mastery. All that you have survived and thrived you have mastered. Take that with you into 2017 and create a new energy that vibrates with your true self.

2017 is our year! It is a chance to become whatever we want. It’s a chance to began again or start a new journey. It’s permission from the Universe to let go of the past and focus on the present as we look toward the future. Change can be scary and that is okay. Having apprehension about the unknown is natural and gives us a reason to pause to gain knowledge and clarity before proceeding. The thing to remember is to proceed and to not allow our fear of the unknown to keep us from moving forward and growing.

If you are interested in what 2017 has in store for you broken down into monthly and quarterly data consider a 2017 Forecast Reading.


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Happy Holidays – January 2017 Freebie!

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe 2016 is almost over. It’s been a whirlwind year with so many ups and downs I have lost count. For many 2016 couldn’t end soon enough. I know I survived a great loss this year in a dear friend and mentor passing away but I have been able to evaluate the energy of this year and know that the cycles we are completing will give new meaning to our lives in 2017.


2017 decodes to a 1 year. This is a year of rebirth and renewal. Consider it your cosmic gift to starting over fresh. 2016 aligned with completion and the closing down of energy we have been working through for the last cycle of 6-9 years. If you have been following me throughout 2016 you have heard me talk about the importance of this last cycle as we enter into a new reality where the shift can be made more gentle if we release those things we have been holding on to. Releasing and completion have been the theme for 2016. Now it is time to fill that space with a sense of new purpose.


To help you with this major cosmic shift I will be offering new ways to assist you in your personal journey of rebirth. One of the things I will be releasing each month is a free monthly dashboard to add to your planner, journal, or book of shadows. This monthly dashboard will help you keep on track with your goals and includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout each month.

Yep, this is a freebie and will continue to be free all year long. Go on over to the shop and grab your free January 2017 dashboard. If you are interested in other planner pages check out the My Witchy Planner page in the shop for more!

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