“Wait it’s February!” you say? Yes, February is considered a spiritual new year by many. It is usually around this time that we have the first new moon of the year. It is also around February when people really get into manifesting their goals and plans for the coming year. January is transition month. We are coming out of the holiday season and ending the previous years tasks. January is a great time to take a break and gather our thoughts and ideas. When February rolls around it is time to put those thoughts and ideas into action.

This February, being that is a one year, decodes to three. Three is the first true number and gives us more power in our February New Year manifestations! To assist you with keeping on top of your goals in February please grab your free dashboard for your book of shadows, journal, or planner here.


All numbers are birthed from the womb, the void, of zero. One is the first spark of wisdom. It is knowledge and the initiation of Will. Two brings balance and is an actual reflection of one. Two is duality and the beginning of our third dimension reality. Two also acts as pillars or a gateway for three which is the first cycle and the first sign of movement.

1 + 1 = 3

The first meaning of All/Source/God was given to three. In many cultures a divine spiritual being is associated with the number three. Three is a cycle: beginning, middle, end – birth, life, death – past, present, future – body, soul, spirit. To truly understand three is to master our 3D realm and overcome it’s restrictions. Yes, three keeps us grounded in this reality some call The Matrix. Three keeps us repeating the birth process through the gateway of the reflected one. We can master our lives through three by using it’s power of expansion, cycles, and understanding and that is the message of February 2017.

In the Emerald Tablets of Tehuti (Thoth the Atlantean) we learn that three is a an alchemical number because it is multiplicity itself. In Alchemy birthing or creating is the energy of Source. In that regard three is the number from which all following numbers are birthed: 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 3+3=6, 3+4=7, 3+5=8, and 3+6=9. It is the cycle.

Three are the powers creating all things:
Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge,
Divine Wisdom knowing all possible means,
Divine Power possessed by the joint will of
Divine Love and Wisdom.

– The Emerald Tablets : Tablet 14


This months dashboard will help you keep on track with your goals and includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout February; Cycles & Understanding. Go on over to the shop and grab your free February 2017 dashboard. If you are interested in other planner pages check out the My Witchy Planner page in the shop for more!

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