Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone had a joyous start to the new year and is looking forward to a fantastic 2017.

I spent a lot of time in 2016 reflecting on my business, my brand, and my clients. For over 10 years I have offered spiritual services, products, and readings online to customers and clients all over the world. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to work with you all. Over time, as it should, things have changed. I have changed and my clients and customers have changed. To further service my community in alignment with my guided spirit I have made the shift from providing magickal workings to providing services that ignite a holistic change in my client’s lives. Instead of focusing on one challenge or area I want to help each of you bring your life into alignment with your big picture goals.

As you may have noticed I am no longer offering as many hoodoo and conjure services as I did before. There are many reasons for this and I have talked about this in a previous blog post which you can read here. With 2016 being a year of completion I felt that it was time to close down the energy of that kind of work and use the opportunity of a rebirth 1 year (2017) to help guide my clients through the process of renewal, rebirth, re-connection, and purpose.


  • I will no longer offer general spellwork and energy work. I will only take on custom work for clients who are highly dedicated to their outcomes.
  • Products such as oils, mojo bags, incense, etc. will only be offered as limited edition during special occasions.
  • Generally I will not be available for in-person readings or services, however I will consider such appointments on case by case basis.


I have been asked by many to offer more classes and I’m excited to do so! I love sharing information and you will continue to find new videos on magick, energy, and spirituality on my Youtube channel as well as new group classes coming to my site.

Some of you are already involved in The Veiled Mysteries Journey the free group for women on Facebook where we gather to talk about the 6 Sacred Gateways, magick, spirituality, and more. Last year I opened the portal for a few women who were interested in taking a personalized journey through the 6 Sacred Gateways. This is a personal exploration to self-actualization through priestessing and culminates in individual dedication and initiation as a self-actualized Priestess of a specific Sacred Gateway. There has been an extremely positive response to this journey and in 2017 I am prepared to open this opportunity to more women.

The Cosmic Witchery Course was another big hit! So much so that I am tweaking it and re-launching it this Spring. This course covers everything from Starseeds to Galactic History to Dark Energy to the Cosmic Mother. For those who have already taken the course you will have access to the new material. For those who haven’t taken the course yet…stay tuned…amazing stuff to come!

The Veiled Mysteries Journey group on Facebook is a free group for women who are interested in creating sisterhood with other like-minded women while sharing about magick, spirituality, creativity, and manifestation. The group centers around the 6 Sacred Gateways – Below, East, South, West, North, Above – and each month we dedicate to an aspect of one Sacred Gateway. On the dark moon, Saturday 1/28 the group will open again to new women interested in joining. With the new year comes a new focus and lots of new content for the group. If you are a woman interested in joining us please visit this page to register. I encourage all women interested in joining the group to take the introductory course for the Veiled Mysteries which can be found here to familiarize yourself with the content.


You may see some other changes and transformations as we move further into the new year. As we all travel this journey of a new beginning I will adjust what is offered in an effort to give my guidance and support to your personal journey. If there are any requests or suggestions please feel free to contact me!


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