Happy Holidays! I can’t believe 2016 is almost over. It’s been a whirlwind year with so many ups and downs I have lost count. For many 2016 couldn’t end soon enough. I know I survived a great loss this year in a dear friend and mentor passing away but I have been able to evaluate┬áthe energy of this year and know that the cycles we are completing will give new meaning to our lives in 2017.


2017 decodes to a 1 year. This is a year of rebirth and renewal. Consider it your cosmic gift to starting over fresh. 2016 aligned with completion and the closing down of energy we have been working through for the last cycle of 6-9 years. If you have been following me throughout 2016 you have heard me talk about the importance of this last cycle as we enter into a new reality where the shift can be made more gentle if we release those things we have been holding on to. Releasing and completion have been the theme for 2016. Now it is time to fill that space with a sense of new purpose.


To help you with this major cosmic shift I will be offering new ways to assist you in your personal journey of rebirth. One of the things I will be releasing each month is a free monthly dashboard to add to your planner, journal, or book of shadows. This monthly dashboard will help you keep on track with your goals and includes a reminder of the cosmic energy vibrating throughout each month.

Yep, this is a freebie and will continue to be free all year long. Go on over to the shop and grab your free January 2017 dashboard. If you are interested in other planner pages check out the My Witchy Planner page in the shop for more!

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