Happy Fall!

Handmade Witch Hat Pillow - Oseaana.comOkay, so it isn’t officially Fall yet but if you have been with me for a while you know it is my favorite time of the year. The change from Summer to Fall is a huge time for me to make transformations and this year is a big one!

As you know 2016 is a 9 year in numerology. Nine vibrates at at the frequency of completion. This has been a bitter sweet year for many of us. We have seen some great losses and some great gains. We are actually seeing more clearly the world around us…for better or worse. Having a clearer vision is a blessing even when that which we see isn’t so pretty. It gives us the opportunity to make change…make things right…or completely transition to a new reality.

I’m not here to say that 2017 will be easier or any different. 2017 vibrates at the frequency of 1, rebirth. Ask any mother…birth is not easy. However, it is the opportunity to begin again and add something new.

With that said I have a couple announcements to make! First let’s get the biggest one out of the way.

I’m Moving!!

minnesota-minneapolis-sculpture-gardenYes, that is right I am moving from New York State. Well, not just me…me, Dawn, and our little family of furkids. We moved back to my home state of New York 10 years ago for many reasons and completed what we came here to do. Now it is time for us to continue our journey and move on.

Where are we moving you ask? We are relocating to Minneapolis, MN! Yep, we are moving back to the place were we met over 20 years ago. We love the Twin Cities area, it is where we met and we have a lot of great memories there. We are very excited for this move and it feels like going home (even though NY will always be my first home) and can’t wait to see what this new adventure will bring!

For the last few months I have been taking a spiritual sabbatical…taking time off from work for spiritual enrichment, traveling for ceremonies, and re-connecting with my Spirit Guides. So taking the opportunity in front of us to relocate halfway across the country now seems perfect. And it’s the Fall to boot!

My Schedule! 

blog-planner1What does this mean for my schedule and client work? I will still be on a limited availability schedule for the next couple of months. I am always here for my clients and students and that will not change. If you are a current client/student you will have access to me. Taking on new clients/students will commence in a couple months, because of this readings are booking weeks in advance.

This time of year is extremely busy for spiritual workers because folks are preparing for the new year and need readings, ceremonies, energy work, and spiritual guidance. I have a couple new services I am offering to help folks do just that!

New York In Person Readings & Services!

Bone reading - Oseaana.com

What about in person readings, cleansings, and services? I will be available for a limited number of in person services at my current New York location. For those interested in a bone or tarot reading or spiritual cleansing I have set aside specific days and times for this.

For more information please visit this page. Book your appointment as soon as possible as these spots will go really quick!

These are special services I have put together for this series of final workings at Pumpkin Cottage!


New Vision!

blog-oseaana1This year was my eleventh year anniversary offering my services and products online. The Moonlit Sea the legal name of my company has been in existence for fifteen years. Four years after starting The Moonlit Sea I decided to take it online to broaden my customer base. These past eleven years has been exciting and so rewarding. I have transformed and transitioned my business over the years to serve the needs of my customers. My personal knowledge and skills have also transformed and transitioned so that I can offer the best quality services to everyone.

My foundations remain the same. I have a spiritual foundation in Goddess Spirituality. My magickal foundation is in African-American Conjure, Hoodoo, and Witchcraft. I am a teacher but I am also a constant student learning and broadening my skills.

There are many shifts in our life energy and there are many shifts in our world energy. To honestly be able to weave energy to manifest change you have to be able to change your personal energetic field when the energy around you changes. If you look at the last decade you will be able to see there has been a major shifts happening in our world. We are now at a time where everyone of us has the ability to manifest what it is we want…and manifest what it is we do NOT want. This is because the veil between this reality and other realities is extremely thin.

During my recent spiritual sabbatical I manifested many things for myself. I also worked on a few client cases during that time. Some of these clients were repeat clients that I have been helping for many years. One of the things I realized is that many of these wonderful people I have gotten to know over the years by doing conjure and energetic work for is that they have the ability to manifest and sustain a glorious life however they have some blockages and obstacles keeping them from that.

So I decided to create a program to help people release spirit and soul contracts that are no longer serving them. Think of it this way: if you signed or agreed to a contract 20 years ago that worked for your life them but is not now working for you will would need to know the legal process for releasing that contract. I’m not a lawyer but there are many different ways to release a contract. Sometime both parties just agree that the contract is no longer valid. Sometimes there are exchanges of energy needing to be made to release the contract such as a monetary payment or some other energetic exchange. Sometimes you may have to go to court and fight for your freedom from the contract. This is the same case for soul and spirit contracts however the process is done in the spirit world.

My focus for my services will be switching to inner-powering others to release these contracts so that their entire life shifts and changes to manifesting and achieving everything they want. No more getting a spell to fix your love life then coming back a year later to fix your finances. What if you had the tools to not only foresee these obstacles in your life but also how to remove them?

I am here to empower people, specifically women but the service is available for everyone. This does not mean I will not be doing spellwork for clients. There is always a need for that and I will be available for that but I will be re-focusing on services that are more geared toward empowering you to take care of your needs. I will be a guide and help facilitate the journey for you. However you will be empowered to see deeper into your own energy and work through the life obstacles that we all encounter from time to time. And this will also help these life obstacles to not be so big and daunting.

I hope these new services will be something you all consider as I know they will be not only empowering but educational.

So that is the big update for now! What a way to introduce my new blog huh? This new blog will be a place for me to share with you what is going on with me and share ideas and information on spirituality and magick!


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