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In numerology 2016 is a 9 year. Nine decodes to completion. This is the year to complete any projects, cycles, relationships, habits, etc. that no longer serve us, that has been holding us back, or that we have been working on for the last energy cycle (6-9 years).

999 Energy Portal - Oseaana.com

We also have the unique opportunity on September 9th to tap into this energy where cosmic and earth vibrations meet. 999 is a Master Number for releasing and cleansing.

999 energy only comes around every 9 years.

On September 9th I will be offering a special candle service to assist in your 999 energy release. As we close down the energy of 2016 this is an important opportunity to have extra energy work preformed during the 999 Portal to help you release, clear, cleanse, and banish any unwanted energy.

Have you been struggling to kick an old habit?
Are you hanging on to the emotional baggage of an old relationship?
Are you starting a new job/career and want to finally let go of that former position?
Do you have a new life opportunity in front of you that is being hindered by obstacles?

Allow me to set a candle for you during the 999 Portal. Specific energy will be evoked to create a container of release and cleansing so that your desire will be empowered by this special cosmic and earthly energy. All I need from you is your name, date of birth, and what it is you are seeking to release. I will do the work for you.

Candle vigil - Oseaana.com

To sign up for this special ceremony, please click here.

There are limited spaces so reserve yours now.


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